Window Shades

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In choosing the perfect window shades for your home, your consideration should not be solely based on the aesthetic value of the material but also its durability and the coverage and protection it provides for the interiors and furnishings of your house and of course for the occupants.
Window shades should be able to give you the privacy and security you would require and protect your furniture from the harmful and damaging rays of the sun.

There are several types of window shades that you can choose from. From awnings, sunscreens, roller shutters, louvers, and shutters. It would be best to make comparisons before making any purchases depending on your needs and preferences.


Awnings are exceptionally effective at keeping out the intense heat of the sun, as well as maintaining your rooms cool and well shaded. There are fabric awnings that can be operated electronically, so it can be more convenient for you by just using a remote control you can adjust it.

Sunscreens/Outdoor Blinds

This type of window shade can help significantly reduce your energy bill and increase your privacy during daytime without having to sacrifice the view outside. However, you will need to use curtains during nighttime since this window shade doesn’t provide concealment.

Roller Shutters

This type of material can block the sun by almost a 100 percent and provides outstanding security. Roller Shutters are also often controlled from the inside of the house, either electronically of manually.


Louvres have flexible slats that would allow you to control the quantity of sunlight and wind that you would want to penetrate your home. The slats can either be vertical or horizontal and have customized designs to specifically fit any type and size of windows.


Shutters are portable screens that are usually made from wood or metal. This type of window shades are also highly effective in keeping away the glaring sun and can be a very good buffer against intense weather conditions.

After choosing what type of window shades you will be using you will need to decide which type of installation would you prefer, whether internal or external coverings. External coverings are known to be more energy efficient in comparison to internal shading since it effectively blocks the sun from penetrating the rooms of your house. Hence external coverings are more popular and commonly preferred installation.

There are also several choices to make on the structure for your window shades, whether you would want a permanent, retractable or a demountable one. Retractable awnings allow you to adjust the amount of light you would want to infiltrate inside. A demountable shade is also ideal since you have the option to take it and store away if the need arises.